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Having a to-do list a mile long and having kids makes no difference when it comes to being sick. We still get tired with aches and pains and have to get things done. That was me for the past few days.

I showed a house on Tuesday, that upon opening the door, smacked us in the face with the unmistakable odor of mold and mildew. Two days later, I go to the doctor to find out I have an upper respiratory infection. Fun!

20 gallons of hot tea with honey and lemon, 4 boxes of kleenex, 5 bowls of oatmeal, and 1 VERY large bottle of saline LATER I feel MUCH better!

During those days of sniffles and coughs, I also had to chase around a toddler and a 9 month old, show houses to clients, cook dinner, clean the house, sort through old clothes, put the christmas decorations away, and on and on and on and on…..

I’m happy to announce, that I got EVERYTHING done beautifully (including putting a house under contract)  EXCEPT putting all the Christmas stuff away. Ugh! That was my one BIG goal for the week BUT to my credit, that was before I got sick and had all the other stuff added to my list.

I did have the choice at one point to continue and get it all done or spend some quality time with my kiddos and, I need not tell you, I chose my kids  🙂  So with that being said, I do not regret not  getting to take down the ornaments and put the tree away this weekend.

What is the point of having a life if you don’t take the time to enjoy it! Besides, we still have Three Kings Day this coming week, so why rush. Happy New Year everyone!


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Okay, Christmas was this past weekend. Today is Wednesday and my wrapping paper is still out lol!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE decorating for the holidays! Un-decorating….Not so much.

It is after holidays and birthdays that my wrapping stash gets revamped. I take all of the bags and non torn tissue paper we received and pack them away in my way cool Tupperware tote (LOVE IT!) so that I can reuse them and save money next time. Wrapping is expensive! I would rather save that money for something else or even use that money to put towards the actual gift itself than spend it on something that will most likely get thrown away anyway.

Trouble is, like I said before, its Wednesday and the tote is out but so is ALL of the wrapping paper, bows, ribbon, tags, tissue, and bags….lol. I guess I better stop eating the cookies, and playing with the kids and their new toys and actually put this stuff away as I originally intended.

Don’t even get me started on un-decorating the tree! This year though, since we went mainly home-made, the process will be much quicker AND I can recruit my three-year old to help me without the fear of him breaking a store-bought ornament.

It’s my goal to have everything down and packed away by the end of this weekend so I can start the New Year fresh and clean. I’ll let you know how that goes ;^D



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Holy Cow! It seems like just yesterday it was October! The Holidays were a whirlwind this year. I enjoyed them but would have enjoyed them that much more if they were about 5000 MPH slower.

So Halloween was a hit with our Charlie Brown costumes. Anderson, my oldest, loved hammering his Braeden, our youngest, with his Snoopy nose. It looked just like a Peanuts comic strip watching Snoopy hammer down Woodstock with his own nose. Classic!

Thanksgiving was a breeze! Thank you whoever came up with Brining the Turkey! We brined the turkey with a delicious dry brine for 8 hrs and then slathered it with a home made herb butter. The turkey came out of the oven beautifully and was to Die For! We made a delicious home made sourdough stuffing with apples, pears, and bacon oh man! My mouth is watering just thinking back…Thanksgiving in January anyone?

Christmas was CRAZY busy with working, doing crafts with the kids – who were off from school, baking, CLEANING, shopping, wrapping, and oh yea….being merry! We had a Charlie Brown Christmas this year with home made crafts decorating our house and tree. Construction paper snowflakes hanging from the ceiling were a BIG hit and paper link garland was a blast to make for the tree!

Looking back, I would so do it again but in slow mode haha!

Hope you all had a very Merry and Blessed Christmas!

Until next time, remember to keep your family close, keep work at work, and the oven on.

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So, it’s October already and all the stores already have their Christmas holiday merchandise literally stuffed among all  of their Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations.

I must say, I have varied feelings about this….without even approaching the whole Hallmarking the Holidays “issue” because that would be an entirely separate blog all together (lol)….at one point I felt like “Wow! Christmas already! I don’t even have my pumpkin carved yet and now I have to think about Christmas?” a few panicked seconds later my mind shifted to “AWESOME!!! All three holidays available for me to window shop all at once!” (While singing PERFECT! out loud for entire aisle to hear)….only to end up with an entire plan probably 4.56 seconds later regarding how to handle it ALL with in budget, while bringing true holiday meaning and fun for the family all wrapped up into one.

Solution: My children are 3 yrs and 7 months (both boys mind you) and they absolutely adore one another at least at this stage in their life. It is my youngest’s First Halloween so I want to dress him up as something cute…what do I do? Snoopy and Woodstock of course! Anderson (the oldest) will be Snoopy and my youngest will be Woodstock which will be adorable, cheap, represent their best friend relationship, and be perfect as far as size differences!

Okay, so Thanksgiving. We will be having an old Country time Thanksgiving (home-made stuffing, beautiful golden turkey, delicious home-made deserts….(check out my blog closer to Thanksgiving for how I will manage all the cooking and not spend all day doing it) ………and make all the decor ourselves with the kids.

And of course, the mother load ~ Christmas ~

So, since we already have the kids Halloween costumes of Snoopy and Woodstock, it would only be natural that we have a Charlie Brown Christmas! Even for our family picture…yes, I managed to get my 6 ft 3 inch ex-hockey player husband to agree (without bribery) to dress up as Charlie Brown and I as Lucy for our Christmas family photo.

We will have our family Christmas tree as usual but will only use the really PERSONAL store-bought decorations and the rest will all be home-made in the style of Charlie Brown including a popcorn and cranberry garland. We will have our Nativity out of course, and our stockings, etc. But upon coming to our house you will also notice construction paper link garlands around the house, handmade snowflakes, paper plate Santa faces, and of course an assortment of home-baked goodies in the kitchen.

I can’t WAIT to put this plan into fruition! More details to come as to HOW I’m going to do all of this as the holidays progress.

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