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So, it’s October already and all the stores already have their Christmas holiday merchandise literally stuffed among all  of their Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations.

I must say, I have varied feelings about this….without even approaching the whole Hallmarking the Holidays “issue” because that would be an entirely separate blog all together (lol)….at one point I felt like “Wow! Christmas already! I don’t even have my pumpkin carved yet and now I have to think about Christmas?” a few panicked seconds later my mind shifted to “AWESOME!!! All three holidays available for me to window shop all at once!” (While singing PERFECT! out loud for entire aisle to hear)….only to end up with an entire plan probably 4.56 seconds later regarding how to handle it ALL with in budget, while bringing true holiday meaning and fun for the family all wrapped up into one.

Solution: My children are 3 yrs and 7 months (both boys mind you) and they absolutely adore one another at least at this stage in their life. It is my youngest’s First Halloween so I want to dress him up as something cute…what do I do? Snoopy and Woodstock of course! Anderson (the oldest) will be Snoopy and my youngest will be Woodstock which will be adorable, cheap, represent their best friend relationship, and be perfect as far as size differences!

Okay, so Thanksgiving. We will be having an old Country time Thanksgiving (home-made stuffing, beautiful golden turkey, delicious home-made deserts….(check out my blog closer to Thanksgiving for how I will manage all the cooking and not spend all day doing it) ………and make all the decor ourselves with the kids.

And of course, the mother load ~ Christmas ~

So, since we already have the kids Halloween costumes of Snoopy and Woodstock, it would only be natural that we have a Charlie Brown Christmas! Even for our family picture…yes, I managed to get my 6 ft 3 inch ex-hockey player husband to agree (without bribery) to dress up as Charlie Brown and I as Lucy for our Christmas family photo.

We will have our family Christmas tree as usual but will only use the really PERSONAL store-bought decorations and the rest will all be home-made in the style of Charlie Brown including a popcorn and cranberry garland. We will have our Nativity out of course, and our stockings, etc. But upon coming to our house you will also notice construction paper link garlands around the house, handmade snowflakes, paper plate Santa faces, and of course an assortment of home-baked goodies in the kitchen.

I can’t WAIT to put this plan into fruition! More details to come as to HOW I’m going to do all of this as the holidays progress.

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